I think I want to be Wonder Woman when I grow up

To say I’m not grown up is a play on words, the fact is that I’m in my forties and for the most part have been “grown up” since I was about 13.  I say I want to be Wonder Woman because I, like many others, have bought into the notion that being a successful woman entails super hero like traits.  What does that entail? Well for me, I want the fulfilling career, top notch education, wonderful, supportive network of friends, beautiful home and garden, well mannered child who makes you proud and the adoring companion who makes it all complete.  Some of what I have listed, I’m happy to say I have, while other items I still am in seek of.

My blog, is taking you through my journey to follow one of those paths to completion – I want the 4 year college degree that I started when I graduated high school but never finished.  Some might say its not necessary, I already have a lovely home, a great network of friends, an amazing daughter and a job that provides well for me and that I enjoy (enjoy not love), but I want more – I want to proudly hold the four year bachelor’s degree diploma in my hand and I want to use it to propel me to a career that meets my dream expectations.

Along this journey, maybe, just maybe I can give other people some advice, some tips and tricks on how to navigate going back to school when you’re middle aged, or perhaps just a few good laughs at my stories, which I seem to have no shortage of acquiring.

Today is August 23, 2012 and in two hours I attend orientation at the University of Connecticut as a “forty-something” year old undergraduate.  The first time I did this I was about 40 pounds thinner and 3,000 times more nervous.  Wish me luck!

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6 thoughts on “I think I want to be Wonder Woman when I grow up

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  2. I think it’s great you are getting your degree now. I would love to have a do-over and get my degree now (42) because now I finally know what I want to do and I would do things very differently. Maturity and perspective and life experience does that I guess. Good luck with school. I’m really jealous!

  3. Chanele on said:

    Good luck hun. You can achieve anything that you want, just to remain positive and keep working hard. In the end remember that the most important thing is happiness, and I wish you that this year and the many more you have to come brings you just that. All the best


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