Bullets and Bracelets


Wonder Woman’s Magic Bracelets – gotta get these in silver!

If one is going to channel a superhero and use them as their blog title, then it seems fitting to sharpen up ones’ knowledge on the subject.  Yesterday, I spent some time researching not just the classic comic book character created by Charles Moulton, but also the real life actress, Lynda Carter, who personifies the character for me and countless others.  I watched season 1 of the 1975 campy, television drama New, Original Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter.  This show (in reruns, when I saw it, seriously I was not watching it when I entered grade school) was how I developed my love for all things Wonder Woman. Re-watching that episode was like taking a walk back in time and reminded me of why I have always loved this super character.  Sexy but secure, smart as well as sensitive, humble but entirely fearless — what’s not to admire. And while the show might not stand the test of pro-feminism scrutiny, I believe everyone does and should be allowed to find inspiration and power where they see fit, not where others people’s personal agendas define as appropriate.

Of the seventy-four minutes I spent on my trek down memory lane with the lovely Ms. Carter, the scene that stood out for me was the faceoff between the top two Amazon warriors to win the highly coveted assignment of bringing handsome and wounded US pilot, Steve Nash, back to America.  After competing in challenges of strength, speed and agility, the best woman would be determined by a final contest called “Bullets and Bracelets”.  Whoever stopped the most number of bullets fired at them, using their magical bracelets would be the most worthy winner.  As the pithy, elder Queen of the Amazon proclaims, “for only women have the necessary speed and coordination to attempt bullets and bracelets without the loss of life.”

Oftentimes, I have wished for some sort of magical intervention to help me in the face of what feels like bullets flying directly at me.  I imagine we all get that way at times.  While I don’t own any magic bracelets (at least not yet), I have been using something else to fend off some of the challenges that come my way.  It’s the thing that I give myself the most credit for, common sense.  Recently the bullets headed my way were in the shape of self-doubt as I began to think…

  • I can’t keep up with going back to school and managing building crisis’ at work.  
  • I can’t afford the costs as it will take years to finish my degree and I am depleting more of my savings then I wanted.
  • I can’t even keep this blog interesting enough to have anyone want to read it besides my friends.

Self Doubt – – is as dangerous as a hollow point 9 millimeter slug

So what do I do? Well if you’re in pursuit of your Wonder Woman status, as I am, then you excuse yourself for a moment, and you metaphorically change into your super sexy boots, wonderbra cat suit, super fly cape, and of course you don your magic gold bracelets.

First bullet fires – –  I can’t manage work and school…up comes the bracelet, Yes you can Darlene, you will talk with your manager and discuss the travel schedule and work out a reasonable alternative. They have supported me over the past 5 years and I need to continue to trust that they will consider me high value talent and continue to support me.  I simply need to communicate my new situation. (PUHYINGGG!!!) – – that’s the sound of a bullet being deflected off my bracelet, in case you weren’t sure.

Second bullet fires – – I can’t afford this…up comes the bracelet, Yes you can Darlene, you will buckle down and finish reading the scholarship book and you will find opportunities to help supplement college costs.  Secondly you will take a closer look at expenses and cut down where you can, there’s always fluff that we all pay but don’t need.  Coffee of the month club — gone; Premier gym membership–downsized; Cell phone plan–lowered; Auto loan–refinanced from 10.6% to 1.49% interest rate at (PUHYINGGG).

Third bullet fires – – This blog might be boring….up comes the bracelet, Yes, it might be boring but who cares! Write the blog because you have something to say, because you have always loved to write and this is your opportunity to prove it to yourself that you can do it.  And maybe, just maybe, you might help or inspire someone else.  Worst case scenario – – well, there is none. I’ve lost nothing and I’ve gained the knowledge I did what I thought I couldn’t do.  (PUHYINGGG)

No one will ever confuse me of being a comic book aficionado, as I am sure there are better word choices then “puhyingg” that I could have used to convey for you the sounds of bullets ricocheting off of my gorgeous gold magic bracelets. But all in all, I think you get what I was going for.  I may not know alot about the comic book genre, but I know I can identify with bullets and bracelets.  I have seen my share of the former and I am amassing my share of the latter.  Writing today’s blog has helped me put the final vanquishing touches on my face-off with self-doubt.

So I suit up, armed with my trusty “not so magical” weapons of common sense, creativity and a modicum of humor and on my journey I continue. (Some days I wish I could trade them for the bracelets, magic lasso and golden belt, but we do what we do…)


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4 thoughts on “Bullets and Bracelets

  1. I am so proud of you, your writing is inspirational and humorous! Keep it going!

  2. I love the message and the imagery of this posting!

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