2 times 10 Squared

Quick update! Proud to announce I am 2 for 2 now. I earned 100’s on my first two quizzes!!!! (for you algebra junkies you will now see the connection to today’s title, for those who don’t get it, you may want to sign up for this class next semester – just saying).

This week I am preparing for our first test and believe it or not I am actually helping one of the other students but I am still very nervous.  I take a long time to work through the questions and I tend to make simple mistakes that can loose points.  These early quizzes have been on the easy side and the professor gives us every opportunity to succeed by providing an immense amount of prep.  However with my first real math test since I was 16 in less then 5 days, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t experiencing a twinge of anxiety.  I hate the idea of studying every night about as much as I hate the idea of giving up pasta and cheese.  How those gluten free people do it, I will never know.

But amidst what was a dark rain cloud of apprehension starting to drizzle on my horizon, along came a ray of sunshine today.  I opened the mailbox and found a brown envelope with familiar handwriting.  Inside was the most adorable tote bag from one of  my besties, with a note attached that read: “I saw this and thought of you! You are my Super Hero!”

Gotta love your friends, right.  They have your back at just the right times, and provide you with the umbrella you need before the storm even begins.

My first Blog related Gift. THIS MADE MY DAY! All love to my girl, Mia!


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