What’s a Girl To Do

So its 8:30 pm and I have worked my day job until 6:00; made dinner for the family, and had 2 hysterical back to back telephone conversations with my girls.  One is juggling her dating life the other is juggling her son’s dating life – – both had me close to tears in laughter.  Now its strangely quiet.  Everyone has something to do and I really should be preparing for my first big test on Saturday morning.  But instead, I am flitting around the television channels and am dangerously close to watching an episode of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”.  No, no, I really don’t LIKE that kind of TV.  After all, I am a would be scholar, so I am simply interested in such a show purely for studying the social ramifications of the early objectification of young women and hillbillies in American society.  Sounds smart, right?  Okay I doubt if I fooled you anymore then I fooled myself.  But the shame of considering watching the full figured Honey Boo Boo and her equally robust pet pig have forced me to turn off the TV and ask why its so hard for me to get down to studying.  I have the time and I need to do it, but I simply don’t want to.

Maybe after you get to a certain age, you just don’t or can’t feel that sense of anxiety that you used to as a younger person for school or any of the other so called “hard things” that society says are in our way.  A part of me is worried about the test, but it’s more like those little fruit flies at the end of summer that you want out of the house, but realize you can live with for a few more days until the first cold snap sets in and takes care of the problem for you.

I don’t know if this is the right decision or not but instead of studying tonight, I am going to pour another glass of this pretty decent 2007 Rioja and just enjoy the quiet for a little while.  Maybe I will pick up my copy of the epicTolstoy novel Anna Karenina that I have been trying to finish reading for three years (sadly, yes, I admit it’s been three years plus!) and see if I can find out what happens to our tragic heroine next.

While, I have no idea what my outcome will be on this first test, from what I have heard about Anna, I’m pretty certain my future is brighter than hers.  It’s all perspective right.


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