And So the Cookie Crumbles

I cannot believe it was February when I last checked in.  So much has happened, of course, which is why it is difficult to keep up with what I enjoy doing – which is writing.  Although it’s not easy for me to pen these blogs, I have felt disconnected from my Wonder Woman persona, so it’s good to be back.

My Marketing class has been going very well, I’m averaging an A for the class and in fact it concludes this week with my final exam on Wednesday worth 20% of my grade.  As part of the class, we were assigned a mid-term project which put us in the role of a Marketing Manager pitching a product.  Our professor chose the item we would market – – “chocolate chip cookies”.  We could tweak this item in a creative way or market the item as given.  The project had to be presented as a PowerPoint slide show and contain at least 15 – 20 slides using 10 different elements assigned by the professor including a visual mock-up of the product.

I think I have expressed that I am not a “life-long” learner; I am not enamored with college, and in no way do I find any joy in taking these classes – they are, simply put, a means to an end.  So when faced with exercises I don’t like, I typically do two things – 1. Procrastinate and 2. Fall back on something I love to do in order to get the job done.  So in true Darlene fashion, two days before the assignment was due, I began working on my project. Given the fact that I am not in love with “marketing”; I fell back on what I do love…drinking wine.  Using that as my start point as well as my motivator to do my homework, I decided to create a fictitious wine, called Biscotti Al Cioccolato Vino…or for those of you who are rusty on your Italian…Chocolate Chip Cookie wine!

My Marketing Creation

My Marketing Creation

Suffice it say a few hours and several glasses of inspirational material later, I had a decent rough draft ready.  The day the project was due; I made a few tweaks and submitted my chocolate chip cookie wine marketing presentation to Professor Clampett.  I’m pleased to say, she was delighted and gave me an A+ on my assignment!  In fact to quote the good professor, “If you are not a marketing major,  you should be”.  I would love to say that the rest of this story, is that I put a patent on the idea, submitted the concept to Robert Mondavi vineyards and they have exclusively retained me and my idea and I am well on my way to a million dollar pay day, hence the reason I have been too busy to post on my blog.  Sadly, such is not the case, I only got the A+ and the pat on the back from the professor, but it’s still early and there’s always hope for a future the way we write it.

Perhaps you can use this inspirational story of what the millions I almost could have made, to help you the next time you are faced with one of those tasks you can’t stand.  And for those of you who are wine drinkers, perhaps dip a chocolate chip cookie into your next class of Merlot and consider, is this really doable… hmmm… maybe, yes.

Either way, it’s good to be back friends!


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